Wednesday, March 30, 2011

4-Drawer Easel Card

When my friend Jennie made and posted her gorgeous 4-drawer easel card on her blog recently ( I knew that I wanted to make one. Most of the projects I create are definitely on the feminine side, so I tried to make one that was more masculine for our son, Cody. Here's what I came up with:

It isn't nearly as elegant as hers, but Cody LOVES it! The directions I used can be found at

Craft it Forward...

You know the movie where the theme is to "Pay it Forward"? Well, there's also a group that likes to "Craft it Forward" by sending handmade items to others simply as an act of kindness. I recently participated in a round, and ended up sending five different people five cards each. Some of them I've already posted here before (like my spring card with the Spell-binders die and the butterfly), but I also made a couple of new ones. Fairly simple, but fun! The card with the jungle animals is a "Waterfall Card".
If you'd like to Craft it Forward, check them out at

Emma's birthday invitations...

I haven't bought a card at a store in years. In fact, I have a LOT of hand-made cards ready to send out at a moment's notice. Still...I'm not good at sending cards in a timely fashion, and I still like to create new cards for certain events. My kids' birthdays are a great example. :-) Since our youngest recently turned 10, I made these fun owl cards for her invitations. Her actual birthday card was just like them, but without the "Party this Way" element on the front. The owls were made entirely with punches, and the scalloped circle is a Spell-binders die.